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Services We Provide

Residential Program


Echelon Care's Residential Program offers a safe, therapeutic environment for youth to work on their life challenges.


This environment remains staffed with professionals who are there 24/7 to provide guidance and assistance, with behavioral and emotional concerns. It is a structured environment that places emphasis on accountability, structure, and age-appropriate behavior.


Many times, a youth's issues have escalated beyond what typical household can manage. In these instances, Echelon Care can offer a solution that is beneficial to both the child and the household. While the child is within our Residential Program, the parent(s), and or legal guardian(s) have the opportunity to interact with the child and add input as to what their expectations are, upon the return of the youth to their household.



Outpatient Counseling


Echelon Care provides outpatient behavioral health care services to consumers and ensures that professional care conforms to ethical standards, including confidentiality and medical necessity. Therapeutic counseling services are provided to children, adolescents and adults by licensed professionals that utilize sound clinical judgment in providing the most appropriate care according to NC Medicaid guidelines. Through outpatient counseling services, our recipients are expected to experience an increase in the functioning in one or more areas (family, school, home, socially, work), to display a reduction in their active symptoms or improvement in their active functioning, experiencing less than two crisis episodes requiring intervention through the Emergency Department, Mobile Crisis, Facility Based Crisis, hospitalization, or detoxification within the most recent past three- month per report, evidencing an increase coping skills and social skills that mediate life stresses resulting from the recipient's diagnostic and clinical needs, and minimizing the negative effects of psychiatric symptoms and/or substance dependence that interfere with the recipient's daily living and utilize functional skills to live independently.


Comprehensive Clinical Assessments


Echelon Care's CCA(s)/Diagnostic/Assessment is a face-to face evaluation that will determine whether the recipient is appropriate for and can benefit from mental health, developmental disabilities, and/or substance abuse services based on the recipient's diagnosis, presenting problems, and treatment/recovery goals. It also evaluates the recipient's level of readiness and motivation to engage in treatment. An intensive clinical & functional evaluation of a consumer's mental health , developmental disability or substance abuse condition that results in the insurance of a diagnostic assessment report with a recommendation regarding whether the consumer meets target population criteria and includes recommendations for enhanced benefit service delivery that provides the basis for the development of a Person-Centered Plan that outlines treatment goals.


Intensive In-Home Services


Echelon Care's Intensive In Home services allow for a team of professionals to work directly with individual familes, addressing the entire household.These services include academic enrichment, parenting classes, emotional development, anger management, etc.  Our team of professionals visit the youth's home on a weekly basis, developing a relationship with the family based on professional expertise, trust and clinical proven techniques utilized to help each youth reach their maximum potential in life.  Echelon believes that each youth should have the opportunity to become a productive citizen. It is our commitment and goal to attain that.


NC Innovations Provider


Echelon Care provides North Carolina Innovations Waiver Services (NC Innovations), which is a resource for Medicaid beneficiaries with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities, who are at risk for institutional care in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID) or transitioning from such a facility, back into the community. Echelon Care offers the following services such consumers: Medication Management, Outpatient Counseling, Family Individual Group, Comprehensive Clinical Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments, Crisis Management, Behavioral Health Screening, Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services, Peer Support Services, Behavioral Modification, Family Support


South Carolina Services


Outpatient Counseling: Individual, Family and GroupComprehensive Mental Health AssessmentsDiagnostic AssessmentsCrisis ManagementBehavioral Health ScreeningsRehabilitative Psychosocial ServicesPeer Support ServicesBehavioral Modification Family SupportService Plan Development

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